Statement of purpose Microbiology PhD

Statement of purpose Microbiology PhD

Nature has played artistically with the bio-molecules and sculpted the most complex structure ever evolved, a “Cell”. A Cell is the structural and functional unit of all living organism. Enclosed within its realms are many hidden secrets some revealed and some yet unexplored? Right from the time of Robert Hook, who developed the microscope and observed the Cork cells to the time of completion of Human Genome Project this cell has hovered over the thoughts of Scientists and still continues to pose challenges to the human inquisitiveness. Spread over the entire globe in one or the other form it is this cell when handled carelessly serves to the origin of disease and suffering. In quest to understand this disease process man has pierced the cell to the extent of forming the Gene chips under human genome project, cloning etc. I aspire to see myself participating in this incessant marathon of cell exploration and study.

Being born in a very small town in India, I have experienced the closeness with the nature and also aware with the health related prejudices widely prevalent among the community. My father is a doctor of medicine and is suffering from diabetes. As a daughter of a doctor I have seen many patients suffering with diseases like Tuberculosis, Leprosy and AIDS etc. These diseases are hard to cure, lethal and expensive. I have seen people cursing the patients suffering with these diseases, reckoning chicken pox as the wrath of goddess.

My sincere desires to study cell commenced from the first year of my Bachelors degree. I have done my BSc in microbiology, chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry and these combinations of subjects help me in various aspects. During my bachelors course I have studied about the cell and its structure, membrane organization, organelles function, cell signaling mechanism, cell division, various diseases produced by micro organism, immunology, enzymes, basic chemistry and pharmacology etc. Swimming through the pool of this knowledge I entered in the ocean of biotechnology, in which I have done my masters. In biotechnology I have studied various subjects like biomolecules, biophysics, biostatics, immunology and its technical aspects, also the bioinformatics which gave me the knowledge about gene banks, sequencing of genes, proteins and human genome project. During this course I have also studied about animal biotechnology, plant biotechnology, environmental biotechnology molecular biology and genetic engineering. Cell and molecular biology and genetic engineering are two subjects during masters in which I have got lots of interest because these subjects provides you the basic knowledge of cell, our existing, hereditary, but what interest me most is the technical aspects of these subjects by which we are able to cure many diseases, produced new varieties of plants and microorganisms, cloning, forensic sciences etc.

Apart from these I have also done project on plant tissue culture (gerbera) and an advanced diploma in genetic engineering, which helps me to get familiar with the laboratory work and with various instruments like PCR, electrophoresis apparatus, chromatography, SDS – PAGE, western blotting, ELISA test, cDNA synthesis etc.

I have also given seminars during my courses on agro bacterium mediated gene transfer, bacteriophage vectors, animal cloning and invitrofertilization and tumor suppressor genes. I have balanced my studies with extracurricular activities like sports, music, drawing and quiz. Every year I have participated in blood donation, I also have little knowledge of computers and have learnt computer concepts on basic language.

In my opinion biological sciences being compilation of microbiology, immunology, cell and molecular biology, genetics etc. I have the ability to prosper and expand enormously due to unexplained nature of cell and microorganism after five years from now, I see myself defending the globe against the pillage of various diseases by arming with masters and PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology taking the lines of Robert Inger Soll, reasons observation and experience the holy trinity of science, I want to carve an niche for myself in fight against diseases. MSc Medical Microbiology from University of Surrey seemed like the course that best fit my requirement. Study this masters’ course from a reputed University such as yours would really help me achieve my goals.